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Cloud Computing helps create scalable solutions that can be accessed worldwide and enable users to securely work using computing and storage that is centralized, enabling mobility and ease of use. Cloud Platforms and Software are needed for mobile solutions to manage large computational and storage needs.

Digital Horizons has a decade of experience in architecting, engineering and building cloud products and solutions for Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) and Mobile applications. We work closely with our partners to create cloud solutions for their businesses, brands and services.

Our expertise in creating cloud products and platforms that are robust, scalable and expandable help our partners create technology products and processes that deliver strategic advantages for them in their markets.

Digital Horizons Cloud Computing Solutions provide

  • Scalable cloud computing solutions and platforms designed for performance and reliability at global volumes
  • Built-in security and data privacy with advanced encryption and secure technologies
  • Digital Horizons customized Cloud computing solutions, support and enable the hassle-free application of sophisticated analytics and specific data mining requirements of clients.
  • Inclusion of distinct frameworks in our Cloud Application Development Services provide stress-free integration and data sharing with third-party applications
  • Versatile feature sets preconfigured to deliver advanced apps and superior user experiences for our client apps.

Cloud Platform Services


Cloud Platforms need architecture and experience to manage functionality and features for a large number of users with different usage requirements and preferences. Digital Horizons has the capabilities to design and deliver platforms for your most complex requirements.

Cloud SaaS Applications Development

SaaS Applications

Our expertise and experience in architecting, designing, developing and managing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications enables us to partner global enterprises to build and operate these for them.

Cloud Infrastructure Services


Infrastructure is closely integrated with Cloud platforms and applications. Management and optimal use of these substantially alters the success factors and operating dynamics of Cloud and SaaS products and platforms. Digital Horizons has developed capabilities and expertise in these over our years of product development.

Cloud API Development


APIs help applications exchange data and instructions between them and mobile apps to store and interact with cloud platforms for their data and processing requirements. Our APIs are architected and deployed to maximize performance, enhance speed of response and efficiently manage cloud resources.

Cloud Data Management platform

Data Management

Cloud products need efficient and optimized data management capabiities for the large volumes of data, media and files that they handle. Our expertise in the architecture and management of large repositories of data and efficient ways to store, search and retrieve them create distinct advantages for our cloud platforms.