Magento Process Automation Service

The growth of e-commerce has allowed merchants worldwide to evaluate how well their automation technology is smoothening their business processes, including order fulfillment, inventory management, and targeted marketing. Sales are often coming in quicker time than what you would expect, mostly at an unexpected time. That’s why process automation requires controlling the flow of your ecommerce business. Using an automated extension, like Order Fulfillment for Magento 2 helps you to create new orders, manage orders and track order fulfillment process in only 5 simple steps. Aimed at inventory management, a custom Inventory Management Magento 2 extension can help to reduce time and effort necessary for different operations related to stocks. Automated workflows will also allow you to approve refunds after an interaction with the customer and have options to collect customer’s requirement data, which can be converted into leads.
Digital Horizons is your preferred Magento partner, delivering high-end Magento ecommerce process automation for growing businesses