Magento Upgrade Service

To allow merchants to deliver improved mobile experiences and operational efficiency, the Magento 2.3 solutions help to boost conversion rates by increasing engagement and managing inventory across multiple physical locations. The key features include Progressive Web App (PWA), GraphQL language, DB Schema, Asynchronous and Bulk Web API, Elasticsearch Updates (Magento 2.3 Open Source), PHP 7.2, Page Builder, Multi-Source Inventory (MSI), WYSIWYG Upgrade, Cache-Management ACL, Google reCAPTCHA and Two Factor Authentication. It introduces an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface for instant previewing and helps to create new pages, enrich products and categories and launch content updates quickly and easily. Asynchronous API in Magento 2.3 offers you the ability to make batch processing for big sites with daily bulk API requests including inventory import, order status updated from ERP system. Digital Horizons is a preferred partner, having successfully executed comprehensive upgrades to Magento 2.3, for multiple businesses, since the launch of the new Magento 2.3 version on 28 November 2018.