Digital Infrastructure to Support

Digital Infrastructure is critical to the support of Technology Enabling and Digital Advancement of Enterprises. Infrastructure has also been growing and becoming more sophisticated with every passing month.

Infrastructure now has a large range of options that are available to enterprises. Digital Horizons has a team of engineers experienced in server setup and administration, and network management to support the needs of our customers and the applications, products and platforms that we develop and manage for them.

We support a number of popular cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud and IBM among many others.

We also work with leading data centers and hosting providers worldwide to use their infrastructure, network and server clusters for our client applications.

Digital Horizons with its partners can also provide infrastructure and hosting solutions needed for our applications, products and platforms. Our team of engineers can set up dedicated server clusters or virtualized environments as needed with performance optimization on the infrastructure and applications to enable the best performance, scalability and flexibility for our customers.

Our expertise in these areas enables us to deliver integrated capability, maximized performance and optimized TCO for our customers.