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Analytics is the way technology will innovate and deliver more power for decision-making, automation and insights. Technologies are now mature to create analytics that can be used by people at all levels of the organization. Analytics enable brands and businesses to better understand their customers, create personalized responses and engagement and deliver better experiences.

Analytics can add intelligence to organizations, brands and experiences. Digital Horizons is focussed on using the power of analytics to generate intelligence that can be create a positive impact for our partners.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence

Intelligence from data is with the use of mathematical, statistical and filtering algorithms that extract, connect and transform data to provide the intelligence needed. Digital Horizons teams have the expertise and understanding to create sophisticated BI from regular databases in enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, Ecommerce and Web Analytics.

Data Visualization Solutions

Data Visualization

Our data visualization tools and capabilities enable customers to provide their people, partners and customers with data in visual formats rich for analytics and interpretation. We deliver data visualization capabilities across all devices and platforms for integration into websites, web and mobile apps.

Data Integration Solutions

Data Integration

We analyze and structure data and algorithms for extraction and integration from different systems to deliver analytics and intelligence. Our teams create software and procedures for automated processing of data into formats needed for intelligent analysis and presentation.